Government looking to ban temporary

Looks like the days of seeing red license plates on vehicles here in the kingdom could be coming to an end if the Land Transport Department (LTD) has anything to say on the matter.

The director general of the LTD Sanit Promwong announced today (January 15) that vehicles here in Thailand being driven on temporary red plates will become illegal on the roads if a new draft law is signed into force.

Sanit said that a draft law to outlaw the plates is currently being reviewed by the office of the Council of State before being put forward for a public debate as is needed under article 77 before a law can come into effect.

Government looking to ban temporary "red plates" from June 2018

He said it is estimated if the law is to come into effect it will happen in June of this year after which vehicles must have be officially registered and on white plates before they can be driven.

At present vehicles can be driven for up to 30 days on the temporary red plates while the paperwork for permanent licence plates are being processed.

Government looking to ban temporary "red plates" from June 2018

If the law is signed into effect anyone caught driving on the red plates could face a fine of up to 10,000 baht.

He noted to also help improve the issue the department has streamlined the registration process so that it can now be completed in just one day.

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