Government puts steps in place to improve driving license procedures for foreigners

The Thai government is planning on making changes and improvements to the process foreign nationals have to go through here to obtain a driving license.

The Department of Land Transport plans to work with the British Embassy in Bangkok to achieve the higher goal of improving road safety here in Thailand in an attempt to stop the increasing number of foreign nationals involved in road accidents.

The improved efforts will include straightforward guidelines on how to obtain a driving license, preparation for the driving test, and highlighting specific dangers unique to driving in Thailand.

Government puts steps in place to improve driving license procedures for foreigners

To aid the process the government has made a 45 minute long English language instructional video that people can watch before their exam which includes road traffic laws here in Thailand, safe driving practices and road etiquette.

A 3 minute English language video has also been produced explain how to renew or transfer a driving license.

The new materials have been distributed for use at all driving test centres and transportation offices across the kingdom in an effort to make all foreign drivers aware of the road safety rules and the consequences for anyone caught violating them while on the roads here in Thailand.

Source: GOV.UK

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  1. in thailand they drive on the same side of the road as the uk so most of the problems are europeans and americans are most of the time looking the wrong way


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