The Thai government has asked banks across the nation to ask their customers who have gone under the knife and had plastic surgery on their faces to get a new ID cards issued to match their new look.

So that there is no confusion when they are asked to produce identification at banks or other relevant agencies.

Failing getting a new ID photo people are being requested to provide a doctor’s note explaining why they no longer look like their ID.

Government wants those who have had plastic surgery to get new ID cards

The new order came from Bank of Thailand (BOT) Thailand’s national banking bureau.

BOT director, Yongsak Seanglaw said that banks across the kingdom need to increase internal security measures when checking customer’s identification to prevent criminals opening fraudulent accounts in other people’s names.

He said in the future banks would be held accountable for criminal and financial damage if a fake account is opened and used by a customer.

The new tighter security measures could be in response to a report that a 24-year-old Thai woman called Nicha Kiatthanapaibul had her identity stolen and a crew of scammers allegedly used it to open 9 different bank accounts which they used to con people out of money.

Government wants those who have had plastic surgery to get new ID cards

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Once the scam was discovered by police Nicha was arrested and spent three days in custody, it is still unclear if she played a role in the scam but she is currently in the process of trying to clear her name.

With plastic surgery being relatively inexpensive compared to other countries around the world it is very popular with a lot of the Thai public and the government’s request is quite logical.

Several plastic surgeries have made headlines after people appeared on a popular television show and the results were impressive to say the least with people barely recognisable after going under the knife.

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