The government has advised cancer patients not use herbal treatments in favour of modern medicine as one popular so called cure, has been dismissed as “ineffective”.

The pills in question are produced by Mor Saeng, but according to Doctor Narong Aphikulvanich, the Medical Services Department’s Deputy Director General, they have no effect on the disease.

In a statement he said. “we have tested it on seven types of cancer including breast, liver, and colorectal cancer but the tests had no impact on any of the cancers.


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The man behind the so called “miracle” pills is Saengchai Haelerttrakul AKA Mor, which means doctor in the Thai language. However, he has never had any formal medical training.

But he claims that many of his patients have reported back to him that they feel better after taking his medication.

Patients queue up every month outside his home in Prachinburi, as Mor gives away free pills. Thousands of people are said to have taken the pills in search of a cure for their illness. Some people have queued for two days it was reported.


But if patients are truly feeling improvements in their condition, even in the short term, is there any harm in taking the pills?

The official status suggests that patients can try the medication offered by Mor but they should not abandon modern tried and tested medicines or treatments.

Mor has said he will continue to give away his pills as long as people want them as it gives hope to them.

He also said that he has had offers from foreign doctors to purchase his formula but has rejected the offers so far, as he believes that by doing so, the Thai people may not be able to obtain his medication.

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