Government working with all sectors to prepare for Thailand 4.0

The Thai government has said that they are cooperating with all sectors both government controlled and those from the private sector to usher in the 21 century and prepare the people of Thailand for the changes coming as a result of their Thailand 4.0 scheme.

In an effort to prepare people living here in Thailand the government plans to promote five basic principles that will link with the Thai way of life to continue to drive the country towards greater prosperity.

A subcommittee has been appointed by Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha tasked with preparing the nation for the 21st century and promote the five principles which are sufficiency, honesty, discipline, public mind and responsibility under the Thai people 4.0 development initiative which falls under the Thailand 4.0 scheme.

Government working with all sectors to prepare for Thailand 4.0

It is said that the five principles the government are attempting to instil will improve the Thai people’s way of life and also allow people to solve their own problems and help prevent them from engaging in risky or dangerous activities.

The Prime Minister has stressed the importance of developing the nation’s human resources as a vital role for future development of Thailand as a whole.

Source: NNT

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