A lush green park is scheduled to open by the end of this year in Bangkok. The park is being developed near the Central World mall in Bangkok’s main luxurious shopping district.

As planned the park resides on a land spread over 6.4 hectares (64,000 Sq. M.) in the most expensive plot in the whole country according to Land process, one of the developer of the project.

This urban forest is being funded by Crown Property Bureau. This park will be tribute to the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej who was also known as King Rama IX. In fact, its top view reveals that the trees in the park are aligned to create a shape of Thai numeral ‘9’.
Thana Khachaphrai, chief of the business projects division for the CPB, said plans for a park dedicated to the late kings had started in 1995 but the work could not be started until last year.

The Pathumwananuruk Park is precisely what Bangkok needs right now. In an assessment by The Economist Intelligence Unit, Bangkok was found to be below average in green space per capita considering the population density in the city. This park can be a great measure in creating the balance of population and greenery in the city.

Pathumwananuruk Park is not the only one; the city is yet to receive another similar park named CU Centenary Park near the National Stadium. With more of these green ventures coming up, the Asian mega cities can hope to strike balance between development and nature.

Source : Coconuts

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