Grow Weed At Home? Thailand’s Cabinet To Discuss It

A proposal to allow people to grow six marijuana plants at home for medical use is on its way to Thailand’s cabinet.

Two amendments to narcotics laws will be submitted to the cabinet following a public forum on how to best to stoke the economic and medical benefits of legalization, the government announced Monday.

The hearing was organized by the Bhumjaithai Party, which campaigned on a cannabis liberalization platform in the last election and saw its leader named minister of health.

The party’s Soraat Klinprathum said the legal updates were necessary to allow the public to access to medical marijuana. Somnuk Siriphanthong, a self-styled cannabis expert, said there are four Thai strains of weed that could be grown at home for medical purposes.

Other participants questioned whether home-grown weed could be of medical-grade quality, however.


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