Guns And Drugs Found In Motorbike Repair Shop In Phuket

It seems we are always writing news featuring drug busts these days, which means of course that the drug enforcement offices are doing their jobs, enjoying great success.

But are they only touching the tip of the iceberg?

Police acting on a tip offs in Phuket, arrested a gang of eight, who were not only caught with drugs but also had a number of weapons at their disposal.

Those arrested were Anuwat “Boy” Thipmanee, 36, Chalermchart “Mhee” Kerdthong, 33, Ariyaphong “King” Tauroab, 32, Somnuek “Tu” Saejiw, 35, Boonyarat “Rat” Khwankaew, 41, Anong “Jeab” Sae-Eu, 30, and Sudarat “Dao” Pathan, 27.

The culprits known as King, Tu, Rat and Dao were found to be possession of a handguns either at the time of arrest or following searches of their homes.

Following another tip off, Anong “Jeab” Sae-Eu, 30, was found in possession of a home made hand gun.

The initial arrests were carried during a raid on a motorbike repair shop and adjoining accommodation in Kathu.

A third tip off resulted in another arrest on May 18th and saw Theepakorn “Tor” Ngamsiri, 21, charged with being in possession of drugs including 2000 ya ba pills.

So a very successful weeks work for Phuket police but there are surely bigger fish to fry?

Source : Thephuketnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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