Harley-Davidson Bikes To Be Manufactured In Thailand

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are to build a new manufacturing plant in Thailand.

Harley-Davidson made at the factory will be sold in Asia only, with the company maintaining its presence in the USA for domestic sales.

US President Donald Trump described Harley-Davidson as a pillar of American manufacturing for keeping jobs at home. However it makes sense to build bikes that are to be sold to the Asian market in Thailand, due to its location and cheaper labour costs.

Singapore based Marc D McAllister, a managing director of international sales at Harley-Davidson said “this is not about taking jobs out of the United States – this is about growing our business in the Asian marketplace.”

How many jobs will be created is unclear but the plant is certainly good news for Thailand.

The company were founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903 by childhood friends William Harley and Arthur Davidson, assisted by the latter’s brother Walter.

Over the decades, their motorcycles have become iconic and seen as part of the American history.

Source : Thaivisa

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  1. According to other media sources Harley Davidson bikes will not be manufactured in Thailand
    They will be assembled in Thailand from imported parts manufactured in America
    Please check facts before printing


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