Harley-Davidson has decided to set up its new production plant in Rayong, Thailand, leaving local fans of the iconic motorcycle ecstatic.

The director of the Harley Owners Group Thailand Chapter is optimistic that the decision to open the plant here will make Harley-Davidsons position in the Thai marketplace stronger and more competitive against the other “Bike-Bikes” on offer in the region.

The sales of Bike-bikes (400cc and over) has risen steadily over the last 5 years and it is hoped that by having a production facility here the percentage of Harley units will rise further.

In 2016 there was 24,880 bike bikes sold in Thailand up 22.3% from the year before so it’s clear that they are an appealing commodity in the nation.

Katie Whitmore, public relations manager for Harley-Davidson said that the factory will produce bikes from parts made and shipped from the United States and other supply centres.

Harley-Davidson Opening New Production Plant In Rayong

At present all foreign motorcycles are subject to a 60% import tax, except for those imported from Japan.

With the factory manufacturing bikes in Rayong they will be able to take advantage of the countries tax breaks under the regional free trade incentives thus making the pricing more competitive.

Other bike manufacturers have already set up their own plants in the nation, companies such as Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki to name a few all eager to be part of the continued growth of bike sales in Thailand.

With Harley opening its own facility here the number of iconic bikes seen on the streets is sure to rise.

Source : Bangkokpost

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