Health Department Asks Thais To Give Up Drinking For Lent

Two public health organisations have asked the Thai people to refrain from drinking during Buddhist Lent, which is a 3-month period that begins on Sunday.

Both the Stop Drinking Network and the Thai Health Promotion Foundation are asking the public to go drink free for the period of Lent, which would mean no happy hours, clubbing, discos or karaoke.

Health Department Asks Thais To Give Up Drinking For Lent

They urge the public to spend their new found spare time carrying out good deeds.

The organisations claim that 80 percent of surveyed respondents apparently take part in the dry initiative.

Similar initiatives have started catching on in the UK with organisations promoting stop-tober where they ask people to give up smoking for October and dry January; however they are only single month periods.

Has anyone considered the effect this might have on premises that survive on the sale of alcohol?

Source : Coconuts

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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