Following rumours that a “prob” (ghost) has killed four men Public Health officials have dispatched a team which includes a doctor and a psychologist to the Nong Kung Si district in Kalasin.

The team was dispatched by Dr Prawit Sriboonrat of the Public Health office in Kalasin in an effort to reassure frightened villagers.

However it seems the villagers from Moo 3, 8 and 11 village were not taking any chances and have already taken matters into their own hands employing the services of a “hermit” to perform rites to banish the ghost.

Villagers in the area are of the belief that the spirt had eaten the organs of the four men who were found dead.

The head of Moo 3 village, Prasit Singhamat said that villagers seemed to have calmed down since the rites were completed with many returning with smiling faces.

Regardless of the rites a team has been dispatched to reassure villagers and conduct scientific investigations into the four men’s deaths and a psychologist is set to interview the families of the victims.

The team has been instructed to avoid saying anything which might be deemed to ridicule or belittle the beliefs of the villagers.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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