Help the country - go and have a soapy massage or enjoy some karaoke..... it's tax free!

There will no doubt be happy people all across the kingdom today after an announcement was made yesterday stating that the governments “Shop for the Country 2017” scheme will cover two of the nation’s favourite activities soapy massages and a night at a karaoke bar.

That’s right now in its third year the scheme which allows shoppers to deduct up to 15,000 baht of goods or services from their taxable income will this year include Soapy’s and karaoke when the scheme runs from November 11 to December 3.

The sure to be welcome news was confirmed by Patricia Mongkhonvanit, acting spokeswoman of the Revenue Department who said both soapy massages and karaoke would be covered in the scheme which has expanded since last year when it only covered retailers and distributors.

The scheme is designed to “stimulate” the economy be encouraging consumers to spend.

For all those now planning to go out and do there bit to help Thailand’s economy just be aware the tax breaks do not include the purchase of alcohol or cigarettes.

Source: MoneySanook

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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