Home From Home Coffins

Fancy a stylish coffin when you kick the bucket? How about one that looks like a house?

Yes, when you die, you can now have your own stylish coffin in the design of a house, as opposed to the normal bland offerings.

Creator Opas Simfa, 46, wishes to offer his customers something different as they make their final journey from this world to the ever after. His designs are based on houses and relatives of the deceased can purchase one of his ornate caskets from 8500 baht.

The idea came about when a customer requested something that resembled a house for their deceased parent.

Mr. Simfa operates his business known as “Thep Thong Coffin Shop” in the Thap Sakae district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province and has done so for three decades.

Opas claims that their is great interest in his custom built coffins despite their being an additional five thousand baht to pay.


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