Over 2,500 rai of farmland in Chai Nat province are now under water resulting in three districts being declared ‘Assistance-needed zones.

Heavy rains hit the region after a low pressure system and high winds came in from the Andaman Sea resulting in rescue teams being dispatched to Han ka, Manorom and Nern Kham districts.

The reports of further flooding add to those in Rai Pattana, Hang Num Sakhon and several other sub-districts whose land and buildings have been under water for several months already.

Local government official Sukchai Jarienprasert said that those farmers who had registered with the Ministry of Agriculture will be the first to receive financial assistance.

Compensation for one rai of flooded rice paddy is 1,113 baht for other crops 1,148 and fruit and vegetables 1,690 baht per rai of flooded land.

With the rainy season only just starting reports of more flooded farmland are likely to rise.

Story : Thaivisa

Content : Love Pattaya Thailand


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