AP Honda is seeking help from the Thai authorities in an effort to bring their latest bike the PCX Electric, which is the company’s newest electrically powered bike to Thailand.

They said it will be possible to manufacture the bike in Thailand, however there would need to have the sale of such bikes approved by not-yet-existing regulations centring around electronically powered vehicles according to AP Honda’s president Yoichi Mizutani.

Honda has requested that the Thai government adopt UNR 136 which is an international standard for electric vehicle safety.

Yoichi also noted that AP Honda plans to sell the PCX Electric globally by the end of 2018.
It was noted by a Honda Motor chief officer that electric bikes will face several challenges in some Asian countries primarily their price which will likely be higher than that of petrol engine equivalents.

The PCX Electric was revealed to the world at the Tokyo Motor Show last Wednesday along with Honda’s PCX Hybrid.


Honda’s CEO Takahiro Hachigo stated that the PCX Electric is part of the companies plan to make two-thirds of their products electrically powered by the year 2030 in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

Honda also released several other models at the Tokyo Motor Show including the Honda Riding Assist-e, Gold Wing, Neo Sports Café Concept and Super Cub models.

Source: The Nation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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