Honest Taxi Driver Gets 3000 Baht Reward

Taxi drivers are always getting bad press because of a few bad apples within their trade, so it is always pleasant when a good news story breaks concerning Thailand’s cabbies.

In Bangkok, a taxi driver, who found a wallet in his taxi, did the honest thing by returning it to its rightful owner.

The wallet, which contained 35,000 baht, was handed over to Anukul Tanpipatari, 58 at the Police Radio FM station in the capital.

The passenger hailed the cab to travel to Don Meuang Airport but realised his walled was missing when he arrived at check in.

A phone call was made to the radio station’s hotline with the help of the police in an attempt to track down the taxi.

Somkid Mukham, 37, who was driving the taxi, responded to the pleas and returned the wallet.

Mr. Mukham has been driving taxis for ten years, informed police that he had completed another journey before finding the wallet. He immediately called 1644 to arrange the safe return of the item to its owner.

The driver’s honesty paid dividends when he was given 3000 baht as a reward.


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