It seems that Thai taxi drivers have more integrity that they are often given credit for. Not for the first time in recent weeks, a taxi driver has returned lost property to its rightful owner.

In this instance, two British lovers, Daniel McNeil and his girlfriend Apple, had their bag returned to them with over 70,000 baht in it.

The so called “British Sweethearts” who were holidaying at the Merlin Resort in Phuket, had taken a taxi to the bus station. They soon realised they had left a bag in the vehicle but the pair remained composed before calling the police to explain their dilemma.

But driver Ratchapark Tanseksiri, 50, had already taken steps himself, calling to report he had discovered the bag.

The couple were presented with their belongings shortly afterwards at the local police station.

The holidaymakers were full of praise for the driver, offering their sincerest gratitude for his honesty.

Tourist police said that Thailand’s image has been improved thanks to the actions of Ratchapark and hoped that the pair would return to Phuket in the future.

It was unclear as to whether any reward was presented to the driver by the couple. We hope so, for it encourages others to display morality when finding people’s belongings.

Do you know Daniel or Apple?

Let us know.


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