Horror Tactics for bikers

Many of Love Pattaya’s readers will be well aware of the problems on Thailand’s roads, typically with motorcyclists.

But the powers that be, have tackled one of the biggest problems in an unusual way.

Underage driving is a major concern for the police and authorities in the Kingdom, and often results in the death of school children.

Nareenukun School in Udon Thani, witnessed the scene from a horrific accident as the authorities ram home the possible outcome from driving under the age of fifteen.

They created a scene of carnage featuring a crumpled motorbike, fake blood, chalk marks simulating where the deceased rider was, school bag with scatterings of essay papers, discarded shoes and a helmet.

Then they welcomed the kids to observe the scene, pointing out that this could be one of them if they continue to drive illegally.

Recent surveys suggest there has been an increase of almost 30% of 10 – 14 year-old children being killed on Thailand’s roads.

The death rate for under 10s has fallen over the years however.

The move, albeit, designed to shock, should surely have some impact on young minds.

But who lets an under 10 out on a motorbike?






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