Hospital Did Not Deny Treatment Of UK Man

The Phuket hospital treating Jake Tobin has refuted claims that they refused treatment until money was paid upfront.

Jake was injured in a motorcycle accident and was rushed to hospital. His mother told the UK press that the hospital refused to treat her son until payment was secured.

Now the family have raised 766,000 baht towards Jake’s health care costs but still require around 500,000 baht more to meet the bill. They created a crowd funding appeal to raise the cash.

Jake was riding as a pillion passenger on Sunday when the accident occurred. The insurance company say the accident involved a collision with an oncoming vehicle but local reports say they were rear-ended by a van.

Jake suffered head and brain trauma and a broken right leg.

Dr Dun Damrongsak the director of Sirirot Phuket Hospital said “We did not refuse treatment to Mr. Tobin at all. We gave him all the help and assistance we could. He is now recovering and getting better by the day. We put our patients first not concerns over money.

“As soon as Jake was admitted, he was assessed and X-Rayed. Two teams of doctors then began his treatment. He was in surgery for almost 90 minutes following assessment.

“By Wednesday Jake was showing signs of improvement and he continues to make progress under the hospital’s care.”

The hospital said when the insurance company refused to pay, hospital staff informed the family.

The Manchester Evening News then ran a story provided by Jake’s mother, claiming her son was left for dead in Thailand because the hospital refused to treat him without payment.

Jake was insured by Insureandgo. In an online statement they said “The reason Jake’s claim has been declined is because, based on previous events, we considered him to have demonstrated reckless behaviour.

“This was Jake’s second road traffic accident in less than three weeks. The first claim, submitted on the 26th April, has already been approved. However, Jake’s decision to climb onto another moped just five days after undergoing major surgery on his injured arm was considered to be reckless behaviour by our assistance team, which means he does not qualify for cover in this case.

“With Jake’s arm in a back slab, he wouldn’t have been able to safely secure himself to the moped or the driver – he also risked exacerbating his existing injuries”.

So if the hospital have indeed treated Jake without demanding payment upfront, then they are due an apology.

Should Jake have been more responsible as the insurance company suggests?

Tell us your thoughts.

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