A Halloween party in Hua Hin had some unexpected gate crashers when the Chief of police and his team descended upon the house party last night.

Chief Sitthichai Srisophacharoenrat received a tip off that a group of revellers in their 20’s had arrived at the resort equipped with narcotics intending to party the night away at a house called “Ban happiness” with some local company.

The net result of the evening was many of the party goers arrested for taking drugs at the house at the Samor Phrong estate.

The raid was carried out at 11pm where the music was quickly shut off and the party goers ordered to stop dancing.

Of the twenty people tested 14 tested positive for taking narcotics.

It was reported that officers took into evidence drug taking equipment and that people at the party were taking crystal meth, Ya Ba and ketamine.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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