Husband Attacks Monk That Hits His Wife

A monk got into a fight with the driver and his wife after a disagreement with the fare price

Video footage was posted online of the incident, comments were made by Thais on the violence towards the monk, although footage does show the monk sucker punching the drivers wife before he was attacked.

The driver reported to the authorities how the monk had moaned all the way to the Phon Thong bus station about the price he was having to pay for his fare, when they finally arrived the monk started arguing with his wife before assaulting her.

The driver and his wife were fined five-thousand baht in the end for rude behaviour and fighting with a passenger.

Roi-Et Selaphoom Co Ltd were the company providing the transport service, they have had to stop running the service after being fined forty-thousand baht for their staffs actions.

Source : Asiajack

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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