A wedding is a special day that many brides plan for months or even years – but one mother has revealed how she accidentally married her husband in a registry office in Bangkok. 

Ashley Wheatley and her husband, from the Whitsunday Region in Queensland, had been busy planning the wedding of their ‘dreams’.

They were going to get married on a beautiful island off Thailand surrounded by their closest family and friends but ended up saying their ‘I dos’ in an office.

‘I didn’t realise I was getting married until three minutes before it happened,’ she told FEMAIL.

'I Was Married In Hot Pink Jeans And Thongs With No Makeup'

Posting in a wedding shaming group online Ms Wheatley ‘shamed’ herself because she couldn’t believe how the day had gone awry.

At the beginning of the trip she said everything was going to plan as they had employed a third party to take care of all of the legal arrangements, which had to be done at the embassy in Bangkok before they flew over to the island.

They also needed to spend a week in Bangkok for the documents to go back and forth with the Australian embassy for the wedding to be recognised in both.

Where did they go wrong?

Four steps to legalise your marriage under Thai law

1. Get a document certifying that you are eligible to get married signed by your own embassy in Bangkok

2. Translate this into Thai

3. Get the English and Thai version authenticated by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok

4. Go to any district office with all your papers and passport to formally register your marriage (or get a wedding planner to help you have a legal representative come to your wedding to do this)

Instead of having a legal representative attend the wedding, the couple’s planner assumed they were happy to register the wedding at the office. 

'I Was Married In Hot Pink Jeans And Thongs With No Makeup'

‘Well in my best jet lagged bridezilla state, I arranged a guide for the day to take us to the embassy, registry office and then onto the shopping centre so I could pick up a few last minute bits and pieces for the wedding,’ she said.

‘Now, it was my understanding we were just doing the legals for the ceremony that would take place four days later. That was not the case at all.’

In the organisation process there was a clear misunderstanding between the parties involved.

‘The embassy visit was insanely quick on day one, and even though it states ‘registration of marriage’, I was so wrapped up in planning the wedding, I didn’t realise this meant something more than collecting the translated documents on day four,’ she said.

'I Was Married In Hot Pink Jeans And Thongs With No Makeup'
'I Was Married In Hot Pink Jeans And Thongs With No Makeup'

Ms Wheatley said it was ‘definitely a shock’ when they realised they were surrounded by newlyweds in the Amphur office.

This is what led the couple to officially getting married on this day, even though they had a gorgeous wedding planned for only days later.

‘So that’s how I ended up marrying my husband in hot pink jeans and a blue tank top with no makeup on,’ Ms Wheatley said.

'I Was Married In Hot Pink Jeans And Thongs With No Makeup'

‘He was wearing thongs (or flip flops depending where you’re from), a blue singlet, board shorts and a f**cking fedora.

‘I actually didn’t even click until the couple in front of us shuffled off to a hideously decorated carriage in the corner of the room for their wedding photos.’

Although the day didn’t quite go to plan the mother said it ‘worked out in the end’ and they still had the original celebration that was planned days later.

‘Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing, it ended up being a great story and a very memorable experience!’ She said.

'I Was Married In Hot Pink Jeans And Thongs With No Makeup'


  1. Wow, that was a very unexpected turn around in Ashley and her husband’s life I should say. Dear Med Thai, appreciate the conversational style of writing in bringing out their adventurous registration wedding day through your words. I am sure this is something this will always stay as a memorable remembrance for them to talk about in future.


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