A Channel 7 video feature has been getting a lot of attention featuring what they say is a continuing problem of illegal immigrants arriving in Thailand from Africa.

The feature was titled “the problem of people of colour breaking the law in Thailand.”

According to reports there are 200,000 illegal immigrants overstaying their visas here in Thailand, however as quickly as immigration police are tracking them down and rounding them up more are arriving.

The feature showed a raid on an apartment building by the “Black Eagle” response team attached to the tourist police division which was the seventh time that apartment block had been raided in recent months.

Of the 200,000 that are here illegally a minimum of 80,000 of whom are from either Nigeria or Somalia.

Officers said that many of those here illegally no longer have passports and only have a UNCR signature as proof of identity.

Many turn to illegal means and drug trades to make a living while here in Thailand.

The chief of 191 Special Branch Surachet Jakpan said that the issue was an ongoing problem for his officers.

Channel 7 went on to state that the situation was a security issue which could have a negative effect on tourism.

Just last week four Nigerian men were arrested after complaints from Thai women claimed the men were conning them out of money as part of a romance scam.

Opinions were divided online over the matter with some calling for officials to do more to apprehend those on overstay, while others took a more sympathetic stance stating that they may be fleeing hardship in their own countries.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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