Illegal entrant tries to claim dual citizenship at the border

A foreign man was arrested after he was caught trying to illegally enter Thailand by sneaking under a wire fence at the border in Sa Kaew province on Wednesday.

Border officials caught Hamish Frazee Mikhail, 20, in his great escape style effort to get into the country and took him off for questioning.

Hamish told officials Cambodian authorities had confiscated his American passport making it impossible for him to legally enter Thailand.

Illegal entrant tries to claim dual citizenship at the border

Thai officials later found a Canadian passport in Mr Mikhail’s possession making his story not quite add up, to which he then claimed to have dual citizenship.

His Canadian passport had all the correct stamps to enter Cambodia that had been issued in Vietnam.

Official records showed that Mr Mikhail came into Thailand via Suvarnabhumi Airport on January 31st and left via Laos on February 23rd.

Authorities are now reaching out to both the Cambodian and Canadian Embassy’s to try and get to the bottom of the young man’s story.

Source : Thenation

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