Officers in Bangkok rounded up an Indian national after he was caught on CCTV stealing from passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Police took Mahesh Vajinathi Mote into custody following his arrest at a hotel room in Silom after CCTV footage was used to identify the 23-year-old stealing from an Egyptian passenger at the airport.

The camera footage showed Mahesh waiting by the charging station in the departures lounge at the airport early on Saturday morning.

Spotting his opportunity Mahesh stole cash from a wallet from a baggage trolley of a sleeping passenger before returning the wallet back to the bag.

Officers tracked the thief’s movements using airport CCTV where he then used a public taxi to travel to Silom.

Reportedly when faced with the charges Mahesh denied them but quickly recanted after CCTV footage was produced, soon in tears the man pleaded his case saying his passport had run out in September and he had no means of making money and needed to pay for his hotel.

Officers charged him with theft during the hours of night and also on overstay offenses, it was also noted that he was wanted for crimes in his own nation.

Officers went on the say he was an opportunistic thief and warned people waiting at the airport to keep an eye on their valuables at all times.

At the time of his arrest officers found in the man’s hotel room the cloths he was wearing during the theft, $1,600, 1,560 dirhams and 12,500 baht all equating to a total amount of roughly 100,000 baht.

It was said that from start to finish the whole police operation took less than 24 hours.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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