Informers get a half share for reporting others misdeeds in Bangkok

Those that report instances of members of the public breaking laws in Bangkok will now receive half the amount of the fine issued to the offender thanks to a new law that was passed on Friday

The new regulation that was originally proposed back in April is designed to incentivize the public to report those who break the laws of the “Public Cleanliness and Order,” which covers a broad range of activities such as bike taxis riding or parking on pavements to someone littering by rewarding the informant with half the fine issued.

Informers get a half share for reporting others misdeeds in Bangkok

The new order will reward anyone who provides a clear image to the authorities of someone breaking the law in relation to the Cleanliness and Order Regulations of 2017.

Informants can submit evidence of violators via telephone, mail, fax or other electronic communication means.

Reporters of violations must claim their rewards within 60 days of police successfully issuing a fine at Metropolitan Administration in Bangkok.

The maximum fine under the 2017 Public Cleanliness and Order regulations is 5,000 baht.

Source : Khaosodenglish

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