Phuket man hangs infant daughter, self in jealous double-homicide on Facebook Live

An innocent baby girl of 11 months was hanged to death by her father named “Wuttisan”, who then hung himself straight after.

This tradegy occurred in Sakoo, south of Phuket International airport. This was all broadcasted live by the father on facebook which lasted around four minutes.

The mother of the child “Jiranuch Triat” who is 21 years of age, witnessed the live facebook video and quickly contacted the authorities approximately 6:30pm yesterday afternoon reporting what she had just seen on his facebook page.

The disturbing video clip showed him lowering his baby daughter with a rope wrapped round her neck from a very high building.

Lt Col. Sanit Nookhong of Thalang police said “In the video, Wuttisan showed a bottle of liquid, which we later confirmed was Kratom drink. He gives the baby, “Beta”, a drink and he has a drink too. After that he ties a rope around the girls neck and lowers her down.”

Jiranuch admitted to authorities that Wuttisan had been worried that she had been cheating on him with another man.

“At 3am yesterday he checked my phone and threatened to kill me” she said. It is not known what the boyfriend actually saw on her phone to provoke these threats.

She then ran from the house and left there daughter with him. She tried contacting him after she returned back to there house later that day but there was no answer.

Soon after that she then witnessed the terrifying incident on facebook.


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