Internet Monitoring

Authorities that monitor internet usage want the internet to be governed in a manner that involves content monitoring and web filtering.

In other words, taking away your internet freedom and choice.

The National Telecom Regulator and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society are determined to see sites that promote illegal activities blocked at the Internet Service Provide level.

This ties in with the recent news that they also want content delivery scrutinised to prevent social media sites from showing illegal music or videos.

Whilst there is no doubt that attempts should be made to reduce piracy and material that be deemed as inappropriate for children for instance, surely, what an adult believes is fit to view, is a personal choice?

North Korea have a wonderful internet system, in that you can only watch government approved material, usually it means propaganda and news that is made up to appease the North Korean people.

We see stories informing us that the people of North Korea believe they are at war with the west and “winning” or the classic story about them winning the World Cup. True or not, this is simply wrong to deny people the truth about what is happening in the world or to fabricate material for your own means.

Is that what we want to see in Thailand or anywhere else in the world? Of course not.

The lese majesty law is fully understandable. The Thai people love their King and royal family and everyone should endorse this. No one should defame the royals, whether they are Thai or not, simply because this is the Thai way, and both the people of Thailand and its many visitors, should show respect to the royal family.

But as adults, we should determine what we see fit to view on the internet. This is how we discover what is going on in the world.

The internet should be largely ungoverned with few exceptions. Block sites that promote terrorism and violence towards others, for instance but generally, please leave it alone.

What do you think? Should the authorities block content? And what should they deny netizens?


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