Interpol still has no news on former Prime Minister Yingluck's location

It seems that nearly 200 members of Interpol still have no information as to the whereabouts for fugitive Ex-Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra who skipped Thailand prior to the verdict of her trial back in August.

It was announced yesterday by Colonel Krisana Patanacharoen a deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police that not one of the 192 countries that make up Interpol had notified the Bangkok Interpol office as to any clue to the whereabouts of the fugitive Ex-PM.

It was stated however that officers are currently in the process of gathering further evidence to give to Interpol so as a blue notice could be issued against her.

Interpol still has no news on former Prime Minister Yingluck's location

A blue notice is used to help collect information on a criminal’s whereabouts and related activities.

A request for Interpol’s assistance was made back in September after the former PM was sentenced to five years in prison even though she fled before the verdict for her negligence of duty over a rice-pledging scheme during her time in office.

The last reports of the former PM’s location came in Early September where it was alleged she travelled from Dubai to London.

The Thai government made the decision in the end of September to revoke all four of the former Prime Minister’s passports in the effort to stop her traveling from one country to another.

UK authorities informed the Thai government last week that if Yingluck did travel to the UK she would need to follow standard immigration process, there would not be an issue of political asylum.

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