iranian tourist

One Iranian tourist must have really wanted some cosmetic creams after walking out of a Tesco Lotus in Phuket without paying for multiple beauty products which had a combined price tag of almost 4,600 baht.

Chalong Police were alerted to an incident which took place at the store at around 7:30pm on Sunday evening.

Capt. Pansak Chaithong announced that officers had arrested 25-year-old Sabzvari Sahel who attempted to shoplift multiple items from the store.

iranian tourist

Shael reportedly attempted to exit the store without paying for an Olay anti-wrinkle cream (879 baht), a L’Oreal anti-wrinkle cream (639 baht) two L’Oreal eye creams (799 baht each), a L’Oreal face cream (719 baht) and a different L’Oreal face cream (759 baht) a total haul of 4,594.

Capt Pansak said the young woman was at the store with her boyfriend when she emptied her chosen goods into a plastic bag and walked through an unattended cashier stand and attempted to leave the store without paying.

iranian tourist

Having gotten a mere 20 meters passed the cashier point a store security guard checked her bag and asked to see a receipt for her items, once the guard realized what had happened he called for assistance and contacted the authorities.

Officers brought the young Iranian woman to the Chalong Police Station where she was charged with theft.

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