Does Thailand have a double agent working for them in the form of Thierry Perenon, a Frenchman, who claims he works for the Royal Thai Police?

He was present at the arrest of the Russian sex instructors, when officials raided a sex course in Pattaya. It is also claimed that he threatened Khaosod English’s Editor, demanding that they remove a news story recently. And new threats have been issued from an email account that carries his name as the sender.

Earlier in the year, the Department of Special Investigation based in Bangkok said they were investigating Perenon with DSI Chief Korrawat Panprapakorn stating that the Frenchman had misrepresented himself.

Is The French/Thai Police Officer Real Or Fake?
Is The French/Thai Police Officer Real Or Fake?

The Thai police claim that the Frenchman is not an officer but a volunteer, who provides information regarding foreign gangs and their illegal activities. They claim the Frenchman was misrepresenting himself if he is telling others he is employed by the force.

They also stated that Perenon has no legal authority in the country.

So why DID his Facebook page have him pictured in a Thai police officer’s uniform one wonders? Although the images have been removed, many of his friends are officers of the force. In fact according to the original report, he only has Thai people on his friends list.

The story also claims that his page states he has been a resident of Marseilles and Pattaya, works for the Thai Police force and currently lives in Pattaya.

Is The French/Thai Police Officer Real Or Fake?

Now Daniel Lee McKee from Middlesbrough in the North East of England, has filed a complaint with police saying that someone has tried to extort 200,000 from him via email, using the name “Thierry Perenon”.

The email allegedly threatens the Youtuber, instructing him to pay the cash into Thai person’s bank account.

Is The French/Thai Police Officer Real Or Fake?

The emailer claims they are representing the taxi driver who took Mr McKee to his condo from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport, on March 27th of this year. The driver is seen calling his hire “mean” when he did not receive a tip in the video. The taxi driver was later said to be in tears when Thai media interviewed him later on.

If the email was genuinely from the Frenchman, you would have to say it was not the cleverest move to extort cash, given that the evidence is in black and white.

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  1. It seems that the Thai police “volunteers” tend towards the dishonest corrupt and down right criminal. In petty much any other country in the world impersonating a police officer is a very serious offence and carries jail time. Maybe it is not so in Thailand as the police are largely seen (rightly or wrongly) as corrupt buffoons thus it is not an offence to impersonate a clown.


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