A Thai court yesterday ruled that an Israeli man will be given the death penalty after he admitted to murdering another man from Israel whilst here in the kingdom on November 12, 2016.

Shimon Biton, 50, told the court that he murdered Eliyahu Cohen, 62, in a fit of jealousy after discovering that Eliyahu had an affair with his girlfriend, the two were reportedly good friends at the time.

Israeli man given death penalty in Thailand for murdering fellow Expat

Shimon then reportedly chopped up his corpse and hid parts of his body in freshly poured concrete under the stair at his house in Bangkok last November.

Police arrested both Shimon and his son, 17 who was not named because of his age, when officers found traces of blood at their home before discovering the body parts in the concrete and further remains in a suitcase, also at their residence.

Biton was allegedly a former police informant and had been in and out of prison both here and in Israel.

Source : Timesofisrael

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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