It's Going To Get Hot, Wet And Windy Sat Met Department

The weather forecasters have issued warnings to all of Thailand’s regions, as thunderstorms are predicted this week.

The provinces in the north and north-eastern regions are likely to be first in line for the bad weather, claim the Meteorological Department.

The electrical storms are heading in from China, caused by high pressure in the area.

The warnings relate to the coming five days, which will bring storms to the north, with thunder and lightning, high winds and possibly hail storms.

It's Going To Get Hot, Wet And Windy Sat Met Department

The storms will slowly progress to central and eastern regions, before arriving in the Bangkok area by Wednesday, continuing until Friday.

Warnings were also issued to residents suggesting they stay indoors and keep away from unstable buildings during the high winds.

Farmers have been told to take precautions to protect crops and livestock.

People were also advised to expect very hot conditions prior to the weather change, with temperatures reaching as high as 39 degrees in the capital.

Source : Bangkokpost

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