Reports surfaced online earlier this week of the first case of Asian “begpackers” pictured here in Thailand.

The duo were pictured in rural Isaan and posed with a local police officer holding their makeshift signs of which one was in English and read “No Money.”

In recent months there have been several reported cases of Western people begging for money to fund their travels around the kingdom and in most cases the reports were met with a lot of scorn from the Thai internet community.

Japanese "Begpackers" go viral after photo from rural Isaan

This time the pair pictured in typical baggy elephant trousers and stereotypical tourist tops appear to be from Japan.

The two lads are apparently university students and the photo of them posing with a rather shinny shoed police officers has received over 500 reactions online since being uploaded.

Officers said after speaking to the lads they discovered they were Japanese students attempting to hitchhike to Bangkok so officers supplied them with some water and informed them that hitchhiking was not a safe means of travel.

Japanese "Begpackers" go viral after photo from rural Isaan

Officers then spoke to the public vans at Aranyaprathet Transport and arranged a ride for them to the nation’s capital.

The majority of comments online praised the officers for their attentiveness whilst condemning the actions of the two lads for traveling to Thailand with insufficient funds to support themselves.

Their signs also had Khmer symbols on them which has led many to speculate that they might have been previously begging in Cambodia prior to being pictured in Thailand.

What do you think? Are people right to criticize the two lads or are they just working the system like so many others have begun to do. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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