TV Asahi, a Japanese TV broadcaster, apologised to Thailand’s foreign ministry on Saturday 1st August after its Bangkok bureau chief posted a picture of his “little man” on the ministry’s official Line Chat!

A member of the Thai foreign ministry responded by warning the Asahi bureau chief that it is a Line Chat for official purposes and that actions will be taken!

An official spokesperson from Asahi TV later reported that the unnamed employee had been fired for his “extremely inappropriate” behaviour.

The forum was set up for foreign journalists to communicate with each other whilst working in Thailand. The Thai foreign ministry demanded an explanation for this very rude gesture!

The story goes that the journalist, who is in his forties, meant to upload the image to send to a female friend, but instead uploaded it to his Line app account where around 150 journalists received the graphic image. He immediately left the forum after realising his mistake.


Sending saucy pics like this thorough apps and SMS is known as ‘sexting.’

This isn’t the first person with a public profile to be involved with such scandal, nor the last! Anthony Weiner had to quit the US House of Representatives in 2011 after owning up to using social media to send naughty pictures of himself to several women. He was in the running for the Mayor of New York job two years later, but because of his ‘sexting’ he lost credibility and possibly his free minutes.

There needs to a word invented for the feeling one has after realising you just sent a ‘personal’ message to a public, government controlled forum in a foreign country!

Asahi is also a producer of a very nice imported beer available in Thailand, maybe the bureau chief had had a few too many after a night at the local karaoke bar and thought “I’ll give ‘er something to fill ‘er up, she’s always hungry…. Ohhh S****, how do I un-send that….?”

The moral of the story, when using social media, it’s best to keep it on your trousers just in case it ends up in the wrong hands!


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