Police at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok arrested a 22-year-old Japanese student after they found ten live baby otters in her luggage when she attempted to leave the country.

She told arresting officers that she had purchased them at the Jatujak weekend market and was not aware she was doing anything wrong in trying to take them home with her.

It was reported by Channel 8 TV that Miss Kaede Yamaguchi was apprehended after a scan of her luggage revealed the tiny aquatic mammals.

Police said that Kaede was intending to travel to Narita and did not possess a permit for the baby otters.

She confessed to police to buying the otters for 1,000 baht each at the market and was unaware she needed to have a permit to keep them.

Kaede said she felt sorry for the baby otters and wanted to take care of them in Japan.

Police charged the young Japanese woman with breaking the 1992 protected species ordinance.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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