Jobs Forbidden To Foreigners Law Will Be Updated

The labour Ministry has admitted that the laws relating to what jobs should be reserved for Thai people are out of date.

The ministry is in the middle of revising the 39 professions that are currently off limits to foreigners to see which they might be able to do at a later date.

Jobs Forbidden To Foreigners Law Will Be Updated

The list of jobs currently unavailable to foreigners is rather varied and includes doll and hat making, bricklaying and carpentry and rather strangely a career rolling cigarettes is at the moment not an option for foreigners.

A ministry spokesman Woranon Peetiwan said that they were in the process of deciding what jobs foreigners should be allowed to do.

He also said that many of the jobs currently listed as forbidden Thais did not want to do anyway.

Making changes to the off limit professions would encourage more investment which would in turn attract a more willing labour force.

He noted that the construction industry laws are especially dated as at the moment foreigners can only be labours where many have experience in skilled trades such bricklaying.

Along with the announcement of the review over laws 100 job centres are to be opened across the country from the 24th of July to the 7th of August so employees and employers can register themselves to become legal.

11 centres are being opened in Bangkok where they estimate there are some 300,000 foreign workers in the nation’s capital.

Source : Thairath

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