His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn has requested authorities to make sure that regulations being imposed on members of the public wishing to view the cremation ceremony of the late king Bhuimibol Adulyadej are not too strict according to a government spokesman on Sunday.

His Majesty asked authorities to ensure that restrictions are not too strict so as they make the public feel “uncomfortable.”

Since the statement was released King Vajiralongkorn has also requested that officials make additional room for members of the public to view the ceremonies.

Since the announcement additional rules have been announced concerning items people are not prohibited to bring when watching the ceremonies which include colourful umbrellas, glasses and hand held fans and phone cases as well as selfie sticks of any colour.

Mourners have also been requested to not chant “long live the king” during any of the ceremonies.

Officials said mourners are welcome to view the funeral procession but request they take note of the dress code and adhere to the rules.

The last funeral procession to take place for a Thai king took place in 1950, however with the advancements in technology the funeral ceremonies for the late beloved king will be broadcast live on television around the globe and online.

Source: KhaoSodEnglish

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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