On the afternoon of Wednesday March 15th, a massive King Cobra was captured in Surin Bil-Abdullah’s home in Bang Tao.

The three metre long creature was taken into the custody of the highly respected Ai Manabut, a revered snake catcher in the area. It took him ten minutes to capture the cobra, which weighed in at seven kilograms.

Mr. Manabut said that it was the snake’s mating season, which was why they were conspicuous at this time of year. He also suggested that the residents were fortunate that it had been daytime as the snake is more dangerous after dark and could have bitten someone.

It took Mr Ai 10 minutes to catch the snake and he said later that it was three metres long and 7kg in weight. Photo: Eakkapop Thongtub

King Cobra’s have been known to reach 5.5 metres in length and when confronted will rise up, yet still manoeuvre their way towards their victim to attack. This is a highly venomous creature and one not to be approached by untrained people.

Another King Cobra was spotted by residents in the Saiyuan area in Rawai, in southern Phuket. Locals have been warned to be diligent after the snake was seen in a bamboo thicket.

Residents saw two cobras interlacing with each other and called the authorities, who swiftly arrived and removed one of them, measuring almost five metres. However one is still at large and poses a threat.


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