Ladies - If You Get Them Out - You Will Be Fined

Ladies – Should you decide to go topless during the Songkran festivities, you can expect a fine of 5000 baht.

Guys – If you go topless, no matter obese or ugly you are, you will not be fined.

It’s simply not fair!

Why pick on the fairer sex. How about equal equality?

Seriously, woman will be fined should they bare their assets. In addition to this, should a lady behave in a lewd or obscene manner, they could be punished for this too.

And if that wasn’t enough, high-powered water guns could also see you being arrested.

The authorities have also banned the use of the white powder, often put on your face by a sexy girl when you pass a bar.

Men should not squeeze woman in an inappropriate manner either. People do this?

All this appears to make Songkran a rather boring affair but it won’t be. There will be joy and happiness to be found.

Sompong Chingdual speaking at Metropolitan HQ did stress that the country was still in a state of mourning for the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who sadly passed away in December.

For this reason, the request for appropriate behaviour should be honoured.


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