Pot dance

Now this is something you don’t see everyday in Thailand – Pot dancing.

Thai people who have connections with Myanmar and in particular, the Mon people, will know exactly what it is but for foreigners; well it could be baffling.

Some people in Kanchanaburi celebrated Songkran with a tradition pot dance on Monday morning.

Pot dance

What is it? Well it seems that woman put large clay pots on their heads and dance. Not only that but the pots utilised, must contain rainwater. Traditional music is played while the ladies perform the pot dance.
Monks walk on the backs of men who lie face down on the ground. The monks are then carried to an area where they enjoy a traditional Thai bathing ceremony.

Locals and tourists alike can take part in the event.
The temple where this traditional phenomena can be experienced is Wat Phu Takhien in the Sai Yok district.


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