Ladyboys fined for getting them out

Remember we warned the ladies of Thailand not to get their assets out during Songkran or their would be fined?

Well we forgot about the ladyboys didn’t we.

Yes two ladyboys have been charged with flashing their breasts at men in Don Mueang during the festive period, despite the men actively encouraging them to “get them out”.

Worse still, they weren’t caught in the act but as a result of a video posted on the internet.

21 year old Sathaporn “Pond” Saengmuang was later arrested and charged by police.

He or she, depending on your outlook, defended herself by saying “it was just a small flash. I never took my bra off!”

A second person was also charged and named as Kittiwat “Mon” Rachotyothinphaisan, 19.

The pair were fined 500 baht for flashing their boobs.


  1. That’s not fair they are down as Mr (male) and it cannot be changed. If YOU want to fine them change there ID to female


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