Police were involved in two raids in Bangkok yesterday in what turned out to be an astonishing day for law enforcement.

Almost 500,000 methamphetamine pills along with 48 kilograms of crystal meth were seized as two seventeen-year-olds were taken into custody, one of whom was a girl.

Additionally, five top of the range cars valued at over 61 million baht were impounded in a separate raid, where suspected drug dealer Terdsak Ketprom, 41, was apprehended. Two of the vehicles that were taken away were Lamborghini’s.

It is believed that a police sting resulted in Ketprom’s arrest, when an officer met him with a view of purchasing drugs.

Police Maj-General Surachet Hakparn, commander of the Patrol and Special Operations Division, said yesterday “police had suspected Terdsak was a major dealer who had worked with Laos drug traffickers in smuggling large amounts of narcotics into Thailand.”

Police will work with the narcotics teams with a view of making further arrests.


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