Love Pattaya has previously reported the story of Porntip Chantharat and her daughter Pattarada “Beam” Kaewpong who were involved in a traffic accident that left Beam in a wheelchair for life, and whose lawyer allegedly swindled the family out of 4 million baht of their compensation.

The lawyer in question Pisit Sammalert was stripped from the list of qualified practitioners on Thursday by the Lawyers Council of Thailand.

Lawyers Council Removes Member After Allegedly Cheating Client Out Of Their Compensation.

The council vice president Major Sombat Wongkamhaeng said Pisit’s name was also removed as he had been declared insolvent in 2004.

Council members, Porntip and Beam went to Bangkok court today to file a civil lawsuit against their former lawyer.

In 2014 the company that owned the truck involved in the accident that cause beam to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life due to spinal injuries was ordered to pay 4 million baht in compensation.

Porntip accuses the lawyer of only paying them little over 200,000 of the money.

She filed an official complaint against the lawyer in 2015 but retracted it after he promised to pay her 3 million baht, however Porntip says she has not kept his promise and they did not receive any money.

It seems that the case is gathering some traction after the family’s plight was reported by the media.

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