Lawyers Cons Wheelchair Girl

A 14 year old girl in a wheelchair for life has been conned out of 5 million baht by her lawyer, claims her mother.

Pornthip Jantharat, 44, and her daughter Beam, 14, are well known in their area Nonthaburi, Bangkok.

Lawyers Cons Wheelchair Girl

Making a living by selling items at funerals and other events at the local temple of Wat Cholaprathan.

Beam was left in a wheelchair when an 18 wheel truck hit the pick-up that her and her mother and father were traveling in back in 2005.

Sadly Beam’s father was killed and her mother suffered serious injuries.

They enlisted the help of a lawyer named Phisit Sammalert, who after legal proceedings told them he had gotten 1,000,000 baht compensation for the accident, which would be paid out in monthly increments of 40,000 baht.

The lawyer claimed he was unable to travel to the mother and daughter to sign the relevant paperwork but would send the money each month.

7 months of payments were apparently made before the money stopped and the lawyer disappeared.

Lawyers Cons Wheelchair Girl

In an effort to find out what had happened they went to the court where they were shocked to discover the truck company had in fact paid out a lump sum of 5,000,000 baht, Pornthip claimed.

The case has gone to the lawyer’s council and the government watchdog Damrongtham in recent years but nothing has happened for the family so they are now turning to the media to try and seek justice.

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