Safari World Zoo came under fire following a display involving much loved oranguatans recently.

The Thai zoo featured the intelligent creatures in a boxing ring, donning shorts and gloves. As the main event was in full flow, others apes dressed in bikinis were outside the ring banging on drums or dancing.

Reviews good and bad have been exchanged but some feel these events are cruel and should be ended to protect the animals.

Samantha Fuller, a teacher from Boston, now residing in the Kingdom claims the zoo is exploiting these intelligent creatures after seeing the show during a recent school trip.

She said “Orangutans are smart and know when they are being laughed at. I was so upset, I had to go home and shower just to wash it all off.”

Samantha has the backing of animal rights groups who wish for these boxing events to be stopped once and for all.

The Safari Park plays host to a number of animals who roam within the large grounds of the complex. To view the animals, tourists are transported around in buses as the animal live in open spaces as opposed to cages like conventional zoos.

You will find Giraffes and zebras amongst the many animals within the park.

What do you think?

Should the boxing exhibition be closed down or are people overreacting? Tell us your thoughts.



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