Line Taxi announces their arrival in Thailand

The popular message app Line and the Siam Taxi Co-Op will be joining forces to bring a new ride summoning service to the streets of Bangkok

Starting next month people with the Line Man app installed on their phone which can be currently used to order food, will be able to order themselves a taxi in a similar way to services offered by other providers like Grab Cab and Uber.

The president of Siam Taxi Co-Op, Vitoon Naewpanit, said initially the service will offer 8,000 trained taxi drivers with an additional 10,000 – 20,000 cars available after the full launch later in the year.

Line Taxi announces their arrival in Thailand

Line has offered a taxi service on the app in Japan for the past two years and the move to expand a similar service in Thailand seems logical as Thailand is in the top four biggest users of the app.

Line Thailand has said that the new service complies with the Department of Land Transport’s regulations and Thai laws.

Line Taxi announces their arrival in Thailand

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