People turned out in their thousands last night to celebrate Loy Krathong all across the kingdom in a festival celebrated by both Thai’s and tourists.

Many festivals held beauty pageants, giant float processions, stage performances all the while people sent of Krathong (Little boats made of banana trunk, leaves and a candle) off into streams, rivers, ponds and lakes in a tradition believed to be floating their troubles away.

In the north of the kingdom they call the festival “Yee Peng” and decorated houses and temples with lanterns to worship the “Three Gems” of Buddhism.

As well as floating Krathong people also launched floating lanterns into the sky to get rid of misfortune, an action which prompted Chiang Mai airport to cancel or reschedule almost 200 flights as a result.

Many provinces across Thailand outlawed the use of sky lanterns to celebrate the festival warning of harsh penalties for anyone caught releasing one, however there use was permitted in Chiang Mai between the hours of 7pm and 1am.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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