Taxi Drivers Get Rough Ride

Thailand’s taxi drivers are never far away from the news. Often it is because they refuse fares, overcharge, bad driving or faulty vehicles.

Recently we have seen some good news stories as drivers return wallets and bags found in their taxis but positive news stories are far outweighed by the negative reports.

Times are becoming difficult for drivers, with Uber impacting on their business and it is clear something needs to be done to save their trade.

What doesn’t do their cause any good is the latest video doing the rounds on the Internet, featuring an irate female taxi driver forcing her passengers out her cab as a youngster starts crying due to the ongoing argument between driver and passenger.

Footage of Taxi driver Pusadee Anchanphati posted Tuesday by Facebook user Yaowalak Chusri.

It is unclear as to why the driver Pussadee Anchanpas and her hire are at loggerheads but apparently this is not the first incident involving the lady driver. In 2015 she was allegedly involved in an incident where she chased her passengers out of her cab and sped away with their valuables.

To make matters worse, the driver’s licence expired at the end of 2015, so she not have been behind the wheel.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Pol Lt-General Sanit Mahathavorn wants the driver brought to justice as swiftly as possible.

Have you seen her?

Maybe you have been in her cab?

Let us know.


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